works 30% of the time


works 30% of the time

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Rushed to scribble after watching the final ep! pouring out feelings

Otsukare Free!ES!!  ( nஇωஇ n) Thank you for the best summer Wednesdays! Now begins our ETERNAL SUMMER. 

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my shame……

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Link looks SO CONFUSED and slightly offended

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My piece for the Fifth Element artbook, which will be released soon! Check in later with their tumblr for details on how to get your own copy. I will have poster prints of this at SPX next weekend—I’m at tables W80-81 with Sam and our pals Andrea & Jimmy. (I’ll be putting up a comprehensive SPX post in the next few days!)

The Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies ever, it came out when I was in middle school and I even bought the soundtrack for it—Leeloo was my hero. It was actually pretty hard to single out what I wanted to draw for it, but I think one of the strong suites of the movie is its distinctive costume design, so I went with that angle!

Man, vintage posters are great, and when I saw this Delta poster I loved the composition and knew I wanted to do something similar with the FE stewardesses. I was inspired by all the fun type and stylization in David Klein’s iconic TWA posters too. You can see my color sketch as well—I have a fair amount of darker prints, so I wanted this one to be light and airy. Now I just need more excuses to make fun sci-fi posters!